Saturday, April 18, 2009

Foxgloves, and RA

some recent pics, and foxgloves.

At about this time of the year it is a ritual in Blythe to purchase plastic punnets full of poor plants that arrived in a frigid truck from a farm in Oregon. Try and get them home and planted before they die from the heat. And or the punnet melts.
Thus proving you are a gardener, and spring has arrived.Normally we get plants that say "full sun" on the tag. This gives them about 12 hours. Partial shade, six hours.My neighbours can't it seems appreciate the fact that where ever the hell you plant them the ambient air temperature is 110 degrees.They shrivel up !
So basking in this superiour knowledge I was wandering around the K Mart plant lot looking for a cactus. Found a Foxglove in the middle of a bin..
Now I have a soft spot for Foxgloves, and Water Avens, two of my favourite plants. So I bought it,$6:50 nursed it home and sat it proudly on the kitchen table. Where to plant it ?
NOW where had I got used to them ?. Leafy deciduous glades with Bluebells,chiff chaffs and the granite stream plus requisite rivulet with the required Nixie, and imminent chance of rain. My back yard in a word ...desolate.
No migrants, I have thornless Acacias, I bought from a peripatetic hispanic (NO thorns, no flower,12foot high sure, no problem)They are a threat to aviation , pollen storm produers with poison dripping rapiers. So much so that in one area the sun will not venture. So 3 days of hard labour, rock hauling and irrigation management, I have a 12 by 12 Foxglove habitat with dripper and mister, and one foxglove. I am also out $300, but what the hell. I LIKE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH !
Who knows next years trout stream project has a start.. Well going to look for waders, passerine production precluded by winds already, at 7:30 am. A week summary later.
regards rh and terriers

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