Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weather appalling again, so I will type sideway thoughts

Got out the shower, after 3 days of trying to bird in strong wind swept desert areas. The PM-10's involved are savage on optics, every time I turn a dial, the grind sound makes me wince. May have to box everything up in July, and go back to modelling my Blythe railroad, and send everything off to my Perfect Camera repair man.Oh talking of PM-10s, if you have a son who might be deployed to anything like "Operation Desert Blast" or "Desert stupidity" or anything involving storms deserts and sands and several months. Have him circumcised, he will thank you. Micro dusts get every where.!I asked SWMBO for the female input on this problem. Hmn. I have not been called that in a while, and I know I am not physically capable of the suggestion, the third Nazgul Master came up with. They just rode horses in this dust storm,inquiring minds ?
Why should you have a patch and love it !
I hope you have found a spot somewhere near you, that you can look out of or at , walk around, pause on the way to work to glance at, go eat your lunch in, and grab a bird minute. If you look, they are out there and they consequently are your very own birds, and not only will you get to know them like friends but you will love it. Elder folks in the park with pigeons, know they have friends. Get a feeder , glance out the window. There is MY House Finch, hi pal we both made it !
I had to glue plastic window frames together for 8 and a half hours a day to keep my family afloat. Found out I could do it. Why ? 10:am coffee break my Jackdaw was waiting there to share my Sandwich !
Now when I say find a spot, make it a sensible one,and do not call and say "Roger,I just got out the shower, I was just taking a piss, looked out of my window and there is a Yellow Grosbeak in the tree". Thankyou dear friend Clifford Lyons !I believe him and have the window on my checklist. Yes I looked through it whilst trying his "Chumming " technique ! Did not work.
So birding the day,on my patch.Winds and directions preclude warblers, probably hidden in shrubbery, it will take those mites a few days to feed up and and become visible again. So semi hardy, waders ?
Great guess.
Early light, Breeding plumage Dunlin and a fun Sanderling, at the fish farm BOTH in the same pic. Less than 10 records of Dunlin for me and maybe my 3rd sighting but first pic of sanderling. 11 Whimbrel courtesy of a crop Duster leapt and left, calling. And a scope got me 2 snowy Plovers in the back of a flooded field. The sewage farm coughed up my first Western Sand of the year. Couple of Swainsons and a Prairie Falcon. Will post a couple of pics from today and some fun old one. Take care and enjoy Your Birds rh and terriers ps thank god for digital and photoshop ! Was sifting pixels in the dawn light

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