Friday, April 10, 2009

It is the small things that make my day

Greetings. It is"totally awesome dude" friday. I am off. How can we tell? Go outside and look at the weather deteriorating, after all, the week has been birder friendly, lets screw up the weekend. Had a fun day yesterday though. WE have a dress code at school, that we MUST enforce. I did, about 5 years ago, when a young tramp (sorry. Potential world leader) showed up in class, with all her wares on display. Actually a ball of gonad driven teen boys,(Ever seen a pile of dung beetles at work ?)propelled her into the room. After using the fire hose I extracted her. And sent her to the office Dress code violation.Irate parent calling me a "Filthy Pervert" for looking at her daughter.. The whole discussion crashed when I asked how much of a cut she got for whorin her daughter.. No one wins.
So just for fun I send a few cheerleaders to the office for dress code violations, "Yer KNOW"
Now and again I say "Oh you used to have such nice straight blonde hair, why are you dying the roots black and curling it" It provides me with a modicum of amusement. I trust the weekend treats you well,birdwise and elsewise rh and terriers

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