Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why sometimes, one should not push ones luck !

Good lunchtime. After yesterdays epic morale building pure luck wader time, decided maybe the luck might last 2 days!
Loaded up my '95 v8 Cheby long bed truck(a true friend) more miles on it than Tabasco Duh Karma, the well known Dutch explorer from Tijuana and was going to photo Canyon Wren, and look for Canyon Towhee. No wasn't that Vasco... ? Who cares, old dead person anyway. When SWMBO pointed out that "You have to return the video I rented before you go birding" The tone intimated a lack of negotiation on this concept, that and the flippant way she was bighting the living bodies from Screaming Pihas and tossing their heads to the amassed Balrogs outside.
Glad I followed instructions Truck loaded. Set to go stopped outside Blockbuster at 6;30, dumped video , went to start truck. HIGH shrieking note some where between a mating cat and a Guinea Pig in a blender,thumping and crunching noises usually consigned to trunks in Mafia movies. I was waiting for someone to say "I think he's dead Boss". From there on is just a serious list of pure coincidences. My truck is now fixed and running like a charm, and parked in the back yard. It is staying there for the rest of the day. I can pick up on my plans later this month.I calculated where I would have been at said time, if had not taken the video back. I certainly would not have been 30 feet from an Albertsons, with a car part store across the streeet, run by one of my kids, and a horse shoer/trainer friend on his way home from LA, who has an auto shop around the corner, etc etc. The whole thing turned into a small street fair, I swear if you park close to the nearest grocery store in a poor hispanic town, lift the hood and have a recognisable local spanish male helping the gringo. Especially on a sunday. Kind pleasent elderly Mexican gentleman with white hats, polished boots,crisp ironed much worn clothing, their fathers belt buckle, bow legs,maybe spurs and faces wrinkled like tanned elephant scrotums will appear from nowhere to argue about which wire goes where, There was more intelligence, life experience,good humour ,patience and concern gathered around my truck than you could find in congress in a month. Once the beast was moving, they drifted off. Probably to church. No birds.
Fallowing. more acreage has been mandated to be lain unwatered by the Water Pirates of the west coast.Three years ahead of the original agreement. Valley looking more like Glamis and bleak, Enjoy your water parks and Golf Courses, and brace for $5 lettuce !It is coming. Blythe is becoming a monoculture of Alfalfa to keep milk coming from cows for your latte expresso mooca mix.Make sure your neighbourhood has at least one street with a continuous running gutter. The price of alfalfa has doubled since November. Ain't going down ! Time to read of Mice and Men !regards rh and Terriwers

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