Saturday, January 31, 2009

A well raised son and Ducks, and a warbler

I am very proud of my son. Why one may ask ? Quite simple. During the late sixties I was absorbed in Cornwall,its birds and "Clives Original Band". And living with the Phillips family in summer at Nancledra, they had an album we played into the ground. Time, and people moved on, but I always remembered the music. Now I know I raised my son properly, he asked me what I wanted for my birthday/xmas/ whenever he remembers any of them present. I told him, just to see if he could. How the hell do you find "Moyshee McStiff and the Tarten Lancers of the Sacred Heart" by C.O.B. ? Listening to it as I type this ! I forgive him for wrecking my jeep. But only the first time. Still got a few to work off !
Not much of nothing but will post duck pics vfrom today. Somewhere in the pics you will find a pic of a warbler I did not know I had until I started filing my pics. Life California Bird from sept 2007. Better late than never. AZ for the superbowl !

regards rh, terriers, and swmbo somewhere out in the field trying to figure out how she will explain to me the horse she doesn't think I know about. I wonder how long I can act ignorant and indignant, and cause her to squirm in her Jod-hoppers !Word has it she is bringing 3 autistic children with her for support, for my acquiesence. Way ahead of it, but thinking a couple of back rubs and steak dinners on the menu, before I wilt !! Life is short , enjoy it.
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