Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A moment of peace, and spring may be sprunging

Good morrow. Many years ago my sacred aunt, who probably dated every US airman who set foot in England and seemed to be none the worst to me, but was oft given lip curled askance glances during the brief period at family festive gatherings before they descended into recreations of the battle of Culloden. " After all she can't get pregnant because she rides a bicycle" has always stuck in my mind. This of course displays the snideness of the "I am in this group more than you are " mentality. Which carries on today. Please keep following the narrative thread !Ah,yes spring has sprung !. Amongst the many war ditties she taught me. She was the only relation I ever liked apart from sexual ones. Remember faint of heart. MY BLOG.


"Spring has sprung, the grass has ris

I wonder where de boidies is.

Day say the boid is on the wing .

But dats absoid.

Der wing is on der boid"

A bit of WW 2. bronx poetry for you

On my way home from trying to stem the rapidly approaching dark ages in language, arts and science. Explain to me why the next generation who control this country at age 18, cannot copy from a book without a spelling mistake, and a 17 year old who wrote, "she dyin fron a lak of food cos she hungary" and on the open book test I gave today, using the questions I gave to study a week ago, the average was 60.5 percent. And one genius missed every one, filling in a scantron .The laws of Math are against that. I do not think Chaos theory can cover it. Ah YES the birds

Over the fish farm were 5 Rough Winged Swallows ,4 tree swallows , a Bank Swallow and a beautiful Barn Swallow. Funny how sitting for 15 minutes watching the wind ruffle the reeds and water and the sun dip lower, and enjoying watching swallows, can make the day less pointless.

Took a while, but eventually memtioned birds, by the long way!. Take the time to get to birds, even if it is the long way. Roger. SWMBO shouting something about she has been cooking this pie all day and its still burned, and Russels thinking burned pie or Siamese cat. Will post a swallow pic. Somewhere !

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