Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just to keep a following,following

Hello. This is just to keep my interest in maintaining this site and a group effort. Even if by vicarious input on your part !

As I can not bird every day sufficiently to provide an inspiring posting like "Bird at end of road"

This of course being "la mode de jour" for web sites. If that floats your boat, please return to your carpet wall- papered box,as this site will annoy you !

So if I don't have a current pic of interest, I will just post a pic of a bird in Blythe. Sometimes more. This will engage my gnat like patience long enough for at least 200 sp postings !

All my pics are taken with everything ranging from video/ disposable cameras to mid /semi/ all I can afford gear. Over the course of the last 7 years. They are all taken in CA within 20 miles of my home (essentially the entrance to Mayflower Park) So we will start tonight. I do not apologise for the quality, nor may it be my better, or even best of the sp. But it is identifiable ! S

Some contain more than one. Like the Purple Martin one.

Some may be interpreted in several ways like the Empid (please comment on the video clip)

Some might actually eat birds

So go bird your area. Can't be more bleak than Blythe,
regards Rh
My current Motto is
"Debellere superbos"
I love the attempt to imbue class and taste

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