Sunday, January 25, 2009

A fun day birding and some stuff

Always nice to start off the day with a swift trip to the sewage plant. I still don't understand how Blythe can support 2 starbucks,but only one crappy grocery store Albertsons. Just a sideways thought I will no longer need to apologise for !I think it is aromatherapy. Anyway, a lesser legs along the LCRV(lower Colorado River valley) in January is damned good.

Trundled around finding not much of nothing but the quiet, warming up morning and sitting as a flock of sheep wandered around my truck. Almost induced a nap !Fish farm . Myrtle warblers every where, probably 20 plus in the reeds Horror, I was going to something clever , like stick the picture where it should be next to the words.

Oh well by submittal 3000 should have it nailed !Went on ,was passing through a residential area, still twi-morn light. Mullberry tree held small frozen buteo. "Definitely/who knows" not a Juv Red Shouldered. When it left uniform brown back, no spangles. Anyway which ever it was , a small buteo is good value. Pointless picture posting, Who knows where it will end up ! Hm, at the top.

Lucky pic of a RedTailed, will probably end up at top? Yes.

Anyway moving on ,went Pelican hunting. Working the sand bars from the drop down, small flock of geese, up against the AZ bank. Maybe 4 GTR Snows and 22/25 Ross' Geese and this gem asleep. The picture is 700mm and photoshop enlarged. As I battled to get closer a lone Canada flew over and they all headed South, How annoying. But Blue Phase Ross goose for Az(where it was, and riverside county, where I was) made for a great day Get home and a neighbour called to tell me he had the pelicans. Got there, just left. Oh well, here comes the last picture of the day. This submittal would be a lot better but for lack of skills !

The wind is now trying to place myself and the terriers in OZ, and a perfect day ends up with the perfect ending ! SWMBO just rushed in and is all "I am sorry I knew you said you would be home by 12:30 and I said I would be here but the coven got caught up in hurling small children, onto angry hay burners, and we lost track of time. I had just scrambled out of the shower, after racing home with a list of excuses, only to find her absent. I win! regards Roger and Terriers , pointing out that I had been sitting by the phone in tears hoping she would call. Amazing what 4 slices of bacon can get you

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