Saturday, January 24, 2009

No costraints of conscience nor taste

Well a new form of communication !I am doing this as I am now master of my own destiny. I still intend to "sterile report" birds to Inland Co birds. But now I can post pics of other stuff and write about other stuff. I feel dragging erroneous stuff into an adult argument is some what childish. So my views on life and living will be here, and the terrriers, and the trials of swmbo will live on !
This is my first blog, if it works ! It can only go up in quality. Regards to all
RH ,swmbo and the terriers


  1. woohoo Roger!

    Welcome to the blogosphere (the realm of blogs)!!

    I have always loved your commentaries, and please know I haven't had a thing to do with any of the latest ridiculous mess.

    An aside, can I send you a couple of pics of some birds I've run across? I could use another pair of eyes.

    Lidia Seebeck, Pachappa Hill, Riverside CA

  2. Roger--Nice to know you haven't disappeared completely! Not sure your "sterile" bird reports will be enough fun on inlandcountybirds. It's always been nice to sit and "visit" Blythe via your comments. Not sure I've ever been there in my (long) life, but have been considering it since reading your posts.
    Keep birding--Judith Sparhawk

  3. Hey Roger - some people just cant seem to cope with life beyond the narrow realm of birdwatching....glad to see you'll still be carrying on here!

  4. Hay Roger nice shot young man,I always enjoyed your posts put a lot of spark into life.
    ta ta ole frog

  5. this is great!

    glad to see your pictures finally! the yahoo photo album is not the best thing...

  6. Let the wild rumpus begin!

    Where is pic of aforementioned nun?