Saturday, January 24, 2009

blythe birds, can I dump pictures ?

It appears I can.

We are now moving into uncharted territory !

The day started off foggy and calm. Two splendid chaps are down here taking photos, and I think it safe to say they will return !

As the sun started to burn off the fog I think they were quite impressed by the beauty and quiet of Blythe. Anyway, got them entrenched and hopefully we will see some of their product. Every one is welcome to come down here of course, but I choose to bird with the "nice " folks. So if you are headed through Blythe, and SWMBO is in her lair that day, I would love to show you around this area, which right now is at its most beautiful. Remember Dessert Flowers are coming up.You can only find them as a last move after eating.

Most amusing, SWMBO has her Juvenile coven of Horse abusers, loading up this poor pony, to go and do something with it. Hopefully sell. They got the pony in, a few concussions later, then pushed the horse trailer forwards to the truck. I will award a "hail fellow ,well met" award to any one who can spot something wrong with the procedure. No points for, backing up the truck / or having the pony pull the trailer out. Some times I must keep quiet. I must admit I did get out and tell them to push harder.

The picture is a Hornet floating on the river and loading up water, prior to flying above me to fill up on bark.. Will try and load another picture. OOPs need to rotate oh well ! Regards rh and terriers trying to bark a chappess on a bike to death

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  1. Have to confess that I am only a half-hearted birder, best described as an avid fan of "reality nature" and have been enjoying your prose for a couple of years now. Not really too interested in reading the dry recitations of "what I saw...where" since I am not inclined to go running to see also. But good lord I have enjoyed your stories. Good luck with the blog....I too am venturing out into this new form of communication and it's been fun!