Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mucous and and an early morning self sin forgiveness

I promised a couple of folks I would release an hilarious picture with diatribe. Totally out of the box but you are stuck with reality. Much like I am stuck with something that seems to be trying to drown me in snot, Hence the early hour. Here we go, this is all perfectly true, and I will swear on a pile of Sibleys that it is true. Not all of it, Sibley that is, but you get the caveat.

Several years ago, I decided my wife needed to go digital, so I bought her a $200 point and shoot 3 MP camera from K Mart. So this picture has to be Novemberish, as I was "testing it out". I think I gave it to her ?

Anyway,trivial problems.

Sunday 7:30 am , on a cold day in Blythe only complete fools who go to the sewage plant or heavy duty churchgoers are up and moving. I was zig zagging across Blythe looking in back yards for Ruddy Ground Doves. Ended up sorting through doves in front of the Greyhound terminal , behind the McDonalds. Glanced around. Awesome, pulled away and parked up behind a dumpster. Scope out !

A travel van full of Breeding Plumage "Robed Religion lovers" . Hidden behind the McDonald dumpster. They all clambered out, and the fresh faced neophyte driver, and his head prayer chanter buddy, dressed in his black and white Panda like out fit, were dispatched into Mc Donalds with a laundary list and cash.

Meanwhile, the pathways to heaven, started yanking out bottles of sacraficial plonk, and constructing K Mart plastic wine glasses,the ones with handles, they were laughing about their inability to follow the instructions. Slamming the wine ,THEY awaited the bearers of burgers , and then continued chugging, scarfing and sharing with the drivers.Not wishing to invoke the wrath of any Mythical creature, I snuck by and with out looking took some snaps .This is the best of them.
Gone birding roger
mens divinior !

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