Friday, January 30, 2009

The bastille, congress bail outs and birds

Good evening, a perplexing eclectic start to the weekend, of beautiful birding weather.The Bailout process causes me great amusement. Banks borrowing money from me ? To pay their pals who lost my money to start with ? The trickle down effect ? When you get over 55 that happens when you are tired, and have a glass of wine too many, and the bladder response is not severe enough. We have to bring wives into this entertaining thought, have you noticed how your male counterpart started peeing in Morse Code once he passed 55.

Once I pointed this out to fellow teachers we formed a secret society and only communicate in the rest room. A bit like the Masons, but we don't shake hands ! (my blog site , rush off if offended) Any way every one in Washington is running around saying this is terrible how could he do that, I would never do that, please let me run the treasury, and I apologise for the fact that I forgot to pay my taxes but pick me anyway. The rest are shredding memos and shifting their funds to switzerland. Why isn't Wall street being stormed by the poor peasents,to throw out those whose tax rate was halved and income doubled to an average of $474 million by Bush. Obvious, who can afford a scythe and an air fare to the Hamptons. Why can oil companies make record profits when their product tanks ? Actually, does not go in tanks !

Why have I lost thread of my Bastille reference ?

I have not. research it !

The peasants revolted, contemporary literature puts it around 700 of them. When they got there they found four people. 2 money swindlers, a Compte who was in there for "Sexual Pecaddillos" and whose only critiscism of the Bastille was that "the wine was some what pedestrian" and a craze red haired Long Bearded Irish man who claimed he was queen of England.

Some aspects of politics never change. So I will save the effort, and just be revolting! Oh and as you get set for your great head lopping in Washington which I am all in favour of. Stop by the town of Halifax England , that is where the Guillotine was invented !
A picture snapped as I drove home . hopefully at the top ! One less Goldfish at the carney !

rh and assorted animeaux
Oh the Bastille postcards ?
They were not selling so the "Photogravuriste" added a few cages with skeletons in it to sparkle up the effect, and sell more.

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