Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cancel February, Curling ROCKS, and Vomiting Mocking birds

I have cancelled February. Get a felt tip pen erase it; tear the page out of next years calender. It has gone. I hope your February was great? Mine stank. Smallest friggin month of the year, still clearing up the Tsunami of crap. Wife with Pneumonia, car broken, tree fell on landlord, septic tank blew up.
That was last god dam Monday. 2 days at a "Retreat" with pretend intellectuals, and my good friends wife died across the street. Guess it really doesn't matter where she did it, but she did it. I am glad, also for that. Semi comatose basket case , he had to 24 hour her for the last 7 years, as the state drained him until he would be forced on Medical.Like my father in law was.
This countries medical system is screwed. I wish Jim well, in moving on, he paid his dues.They should have let her die with dignity. No one was winning. Sad.
Which reminds me . Why do Americans dance around the word "Died" ? She passed away, is no longer with us , has moved on. No she has not. She died, I do not understand
Oh yes , just stick a few days on any month of your choice, or add a couple of months. Have at, after all the Catholics jerked it around , the Mayans ran out of rock, and I think there is one some where nobody can understand or translate. Linked with blood letting by the IRS.
Watched TV , whilst brow mopping. Totally into curling now. Anything that I have no idea how to do, uses language I can not understand whilst executing a pointless task, has to be good. Up there with crown green bias bowling, (sheep dog trials) and Lacrosse and Ladies Field Hockey and Polo. All personal faves
This Mocker caught my attention this am as I fruitlessly birding. It was twisting its self into weird positions, put the camera on it, hoping I could get it flying up and exploding or something . It did. Whatever those are they came out with its last thrashing. Have a good week

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    Glad you have seen the light.

    -Matthew in Redlands