Sunday, February 21, 2010

AAAHH .... its Wheeler time

I hope you bought tons of Raptor books. Like hard cover Wheeler, both coasts ad nauseum. Drag 'em out. Nothing much around unless you were let in on the secret Ovenbird, or needed Kittiwake. Went searching in my patch.11 coot at the drop, no access to fish ponds. Berm building.
Now having waded through Immature gull silliness, admittedly by reading the definitive guides that contradict each other and looking at series of "Definitive shots " that shew a fourth week second moult immature backlavistan herring gull, even evry other frame seems to defy the straw they cling to. I have to confess that those who play that preposterous game should be made to wear distinctive clothing. So I can see them from afar and hide from them. Life is too short to waste on that sub-culture !
NOw I am having a shot at Red Taileds. During the winter season there are up to 60 in the general area of Blythe, perhaps more. Sat on phone poles. Lot of grat light and no traffic , so I can park sideways in the road, folk drive around and wave !
So here you go. Pole one pale one, pole two dark one. All taken from same spot. Click click click, swing to next etc
Here you go, enjoy the evening.
And remember there are those who can id these in the field. Probably closet Gull watchers. Have fun Roger

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