Friday, February 5, 2010

When the last Cricketer leaves the crease.

Managed to get in a few innings on the way home after tea. Before light caused the umpires to pull the wickets. Not enough light to continue, especially as Fortescue had taken a nasty googly to the cup, and a slight roughing of the outside crease was giving the top left handed spinners too much of an advantage against the southern screens.
Top hole kind of finish to the day. Game resumes tomorrow at dawn. Regards to you chaps.
Roger clutch feathering-shaw, and Popsie
I was just looking at the middle picture, and it just suddenly looked like some kind of artsy fartsy dish. I don't know "Audobons warbler sushi served on a bed of lightly toasted black truffle fronds, and decorated with wild forest greens served a la dente, with a light and savoury fiddle head fern drizzle" Maybe I need food !

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