Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why haiti and the national response annoys me

All right happy campers. Sat looking at the sky. It can't decide whether to rain or get off the pot. Most aggravating. What started this very loosely held together train wreck of thought is where we start and end up ; Northern Harrier !
Not so long ago,I was needed in a nearby home.
How can this country look itself in the face and still strut around helping other countries and fighting for poor oppressed "Furreners" a couple of billion here, a couple there who cares, when tax paying working americans are living in poverty.
This is no Hip-nick peace brother bull shit.
There are 9 people crammed in a trailer/home made house, canal water, shady electricity, 2 of the kids dress only in diapers, 3 adults sleep on mattresses, behind the sofa, and I left once as 2 where trying to make 3 as we watched Barnie. 11 dogs .Pit bulls and puppies. The floor of the shelter, not a home, is an accretion of dog shit, piss and assorted spilled food substances. The yard a conglomeration of torn open stray dog trash distribution, and rusting ne'er to be completed fixer uppers. Tires hold the roof on.The adults, except for the breeder, all work damn hard in the fields, and the 60 year old "Nana" works 2 jobs. And yes they paid their taxes and are proud to be legal US citizens.
Time for another ceo bonus, methinks.
Every time I left there was a Male N Harrier working the field behind. Kind of took the edge off the moment.
Thank God ! the media was needing a really good disaster to start the year. The H1N1 fizzled out, media fed.
But here with the aid of todays technology, we were watching a disaster happening before the people living on the island had probably figured out what was going on. Ships were sent, billions pledged. local volunteers rushing around, people packaging socks school kids collecting bottle caps for Haiti. a quick album by stars we either do not know, or should lay to rest.(Do you know "WE are the world " part one. Only raised 467 Million, rest went "else where ". Lets see, that should keep the armed forces in Afghan well armed ,busy converting Big Rocks into little ones for a couple more days !)The Pres was all over it , hurrah hurrah, for Haiti, those peaceful tranquil peaceful people who were hit with a natural disaster. Most americans could not find the place on a globe before this and many can not still. I tried. How many folks are aware that this is one of the poorest countries in the world, and has been for years ruled by a dictatorship.
Starting to think Blythe needs a serious disaster, or the US should declare war on us. Hell of a lot of improvements headed our way.
But no the super bowl shot down that line of reason. Blythe is in the country I live in and pay taxes too.I can not expect immediate support in this country, too close to home.
All I have to say is "Katrina"
We can not give the Haitians, the storm trailers, but they were good enough for US citizens. I am willing to bet that Port au Prince looks better than New Orleans , in half the time.
I was taught to make sure your family is surviving, and then spread the extra to those with in immediate reach.
FOLKS. Am I the only one who belives we should at least have a stable well supplied viable nation before we ride off to kill the dragon and realise we have only one arrow, the horse is dying from lack of health care, and the populace, has lost interest.?
I think it is time for the American politicians to stop rattling sabres, please sit down and look at history, read the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.Even a synopsis. Rome spread itself so thin "running" countries who did not want them there, had religions the romans declared outlaw etc etc. While back home Politics fell into corrupton, vice, and self centered greed and avarice. And the proud leader of the world crumbled, and very quickly.
America is slowly becoming an "Ordinary country in bad shape "
The sun is peaking through.
Volume 2 later

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