Sunday, February 7, 2010

Had to share ! Can't make this up

Rain went away. Small flock of waders held a Dunlin and a Western Sand. Western sand, probably my earliest record, very rare in Blythe at this time of year, Dunlin almost same. All was not lost. Remember what is good for me, might be a no looker for you ! A dozen Geye at the drop, 2 merlins at phase one, 3 Rerrugins, a smattering of both flavours of Bluebirds, what a great year. My invasion of Robins , all three are still here. Rain got too much
Location,Location.location. The "Clueless idiot of the Month " award has been won
Channel seven News.
Fire fighters helped local home owners remove dirt and debris from their lawns and dug diversion ditches. Cut to large rolling lawn, 10+ firefighters lack luster digging a trench down the lawn, and staring at camera."Hollywood hills" High maintainence frosty bitch, with every hair in place starts off "Oh it was so miserable , water was coming in under the daws the bathroom roof started to collapse, it was so scary. Cut to indoor video.Beautiful home. People in designer wellies sploshing in 12 inches of water. "Yes it got so bad that we decided we would evacuate here, and that it would be drier up in our MAIN house"
How bothersome for Pookie. Stuff later, rain clouds gone, a strong wind. Here comes del sol

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