Friday, February 12, 2010

Hawks,Horses and herons

My word,my goodness. I am off to a good start. 5 photos/2 days. Down load time 2hours and 21 minutes. Yay Verizon, way to go. I guess some one else was using the land line. We have a mega speed optic phone cable runs through town, they just put it in.OOOps forgot to let Blythe in on the action. Satellite ? Yeah they pass over. I am paying twice "Civilized "rates for a system, they had to find a specialist for, as no one uses it anymore !
Thankyou to whomever died so I could go birding. Kinda fun day. Though you had to dig for the fun.
Good start at dawn 13 Whistlers on the river, about 10 minutes later flushed 8 from an alfalfa field. So still at least 21 in the area Raptors thinning out quite quickly Increase in YThroats, a Hermit Thrush,
At dusk 317 asst (Mostly GW)Herons at Fish Farms. There goes your bottom line OUCH
A pair of Ospreys are displaying, male snatching 2 lb Koi ! and luring Fem to Cotton Wood, another M is fighting him
Talking of horses. My wife asked for somewhere to put her horses, well we had the plans drawn out and were piling mesquite, and I was about to call Kelly to dig the pit, and beans where being pondered. Some idiot asked swmbo what kind a rolls we should buy.
Go to back up plan
Got me a spread. Too funny ! !!
Leasing "ad nauseum" corrals, arenas and rubbish just around the corner, just out of earshot, and easily avoidable on ditch bank. I suggested letting them loose, and seeing if they would come back. Idea #2 gone.
Any way what tipped me into this foolihness, is that I have, in the middle of "Jollity Farm Riding club " (Sorry Viv Stanshall and the Bonzo's ). Two GiNormous Cottonwoods. And even better I now have herons building nests. Now at 8.Don't know of a bigger one in these here parts. Excpect way to many breeding heron pics.
Higsons Happy Heronry.

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