Sunday, March 7, 2010

Line down ?

45 mins , no pic download,so you will have to go with the Oscars
OK Big storm, will just send see if this will go through. No birds for today. Had to poach 40 quails eggs for my Oscar Party and that bitch Mungo got his Oxcart to Albertons to snag the last of the fresh capers, and the fresh Brisling. Last time I let him and Tinkerbell use my Mexican Coriander. So there.
Gosh were are my snail wrenches. Busy Busy busy,
Lets hope the creme freche holds together..
God I hate the Oscars
Guess who does not have a TV controller, and is sat in the vague dark in the back room ?
I am going to write a letter to someone, asking why shewing a group of people sitting around mutually masturbating, as long as you stick the "Oscars" in front of it,is OK ? I admire the stamina , some of them have 4 more hours to go,
Oh, by the way we are still at war and whales are being butchered, sorry to interrupt the real world. Worst of all , my Bugs Bunny Roadrunner hour was cancelled. that is unacceptable. Power flickering, probably ... who knows.
Will send

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