Saturday, June 27, 2009

'tis warm

Well it hit 107 at noon thirty, screw that.I do not care what it gets to now, I will only be in it momentarily. a pause.
Went and put towels on steering wheels, in case I have to drive somewhere.
Well now I get to enjoy my blog, I have managed to survive my obligatory mind purging from the last year, it usually takes 10 days , so all things considered not bad this year. It may sound strange , but if you commit yourself to giving quality time to 184 kids in desperate need of it, which my 9th grade cast offs are, then it takes a while to let go. Another clutch left the nest, and another of my clutches graduated and flew off to who knows what and where. So here comes summer.
I have no idea what a blog is, so I am just going to type personal thoughts, to a certain extent. I am sure bowel regularity is of no real interest. But Albertsons carries a new Licorice candy that helps ! Sorry, Ignored origiinal premise.
It is basicly going to be a summer diatribe, with no rhyme nor reason than to keep me from throttling my parrot or going out in the heat. Observations , comments and birds all in one Haggis graunch.Hang on Here we go.
PLease explain to me why I should feel sorry Ed McMahon died ?I never got a damn check
LIFE NOTE Lemember never hang naked from closet hook with rope around testicles Glasshopper.
I did not know Jacko was still alive. I care even less that he is dead. Though I may have my daughters LPs in the garage. Hmm
Farrah Faucett. So she did a poster and ....
Why is the TV devoted to mourning and sadness.
Hell half of the dumb assholes where grieving at Michael Jackson the radio icons star on Hollywood. HOW funny.
Sorry ma'am you will have to take down your shrine, and go worship the dark one. Half of them in tears don't know what an LP is.
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity
NO death threats in the pending e-mail box.
Safe so far.
Lets take on the BBC, National Geographic and Animal Planet next. Seeing as I am learning might as well start at the low end.
What the hell is awe inspiring about sitting in an I-max in an air controlled environment experiencing the movie Earth. Boy that looks cold, neat pictures, any body got any milk duds left.
Why does this annoy me?
It is presented prepackaged and ready with the pause button for your pleasure. Skip the nasty dying baby monkey bit, awe at the caribou, ignore the 2 minutes of the Amur Leopard. Nature in a can. Let me slip on my I-pod and doze.Todays kids have no idea how long,and the personal expense these naturalists go through to produce this stuff.
I asked how many of my kids had been to San Diego Zoo, 184 none, how about San Diego ? 11 How about played in the ocean 17 ?
My gripe is that the picture of the Pied Billed Mom and child will be enjoyed by those who bird. I spent a long while letting her get used to me, so when this happened I was only six to eight feet away in 106 in a ditch. It made me ponder the times I had just flicked through National Geo and how I wsted a chance to ponder.
But as the western world lives more and more in a controlled inside environment, and pushes a button and says. "Oh Patty donate a couple thousand to those Barrier Reef people these pictures are darling, and have sergei trot up from the art department I think we can use this shade in the new i-pod covers" BUT these people are no worse than I who goes "not more rain forest aaagh" Wonders why the hell these folks don't stop Feels like a barbarian for an hour, then eats a factory produced chicken sandwich. If I solve these personal crisis I will type the solution ! Talking of which. I just emptied the house, over to the neighbours, who has the Ham Burgers working, I am going to make a giant batch of "Higsons Authentic Southern Fried British Green Tomatos" Y'all. Never done it before but what the bejezzzers

Oh a couple of final news notes.
What is an organized protest ?
Do you write ahead and say "Mr Asswreftiambinajad, on thursday at 11 am we would like to protest you invading our country and killing our people. PLease pop a note in the mail if this does not interfere with your schedule"
What is an "Unexpected plane crash"
What is "A house immediately next door and adjacent to this residence"
And lastly, why did the bag I just open have a new dog leash in it that says on the plastic chain saw openable only plastic carton.
"INSTRUCTIONS OF USE INCLUDED" I am scared to find out that you do not tie them , oh sorry Grasshopper
Expect more as time passes

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