Sunday, June 7, 2009

pics,if it plays,prose anyways

3 pics then I am out. Oh well.You id the empid, not me. I do not want to be one of the I can I.D it even if I was not there crowd.

The stifled but sonorous Summer Drums of the Dol, are starting to pick up sound in the background. As we move into the Ebonic months of summer. Yes its "Jume-know dere aint no birds " and "July if you see one"
The steady whistling of the wind as the electric meter wheel burns out its custom diamond bearings,. And the best time to bird is between walking to your car, and turning back, as its too hot and it is still dark. So as a special treat I will keep a daily diary from the minute the "Children of the corn" leave friday 'till the Midwich Cuckoos arrive in August. I think you will find it fun and enlightening. The chances are where you live you do not carry gloves in July, the chances are you don't park with the wheel in direct sunlight . This will be fun. I will pull the weather from the weatherbug web site I have at school. Its a fancy weather monitor I will hook you up with over the internet, I will fix that this weekend. and you can track a summer in the Sonoran South Weast, for idle amusement.
So lets see what gets through if anything. Retrying June 9 roger

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