Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beep Beep my ass

. I have kind of almost perhaps maybe figured out how to handle the summer. Here's THE plan. Get everything organized, and out of the way by 6 am. Albertsons, our only store opens at 5 am. Deal with that. Wake up the waken
I have a stake out Least Bittern, which has a nest on the other side of some reeds. Sat for half an hour, fly over Osprey,look back the damn thing was gone.
Designing ATV rubber air mattress floating stealth invisible blind as I type. Then I can also get closish to my Perfect Female Pied Billed Grebe and her nest ! My sudden epiphany today.Was actually quite logical and paid off big time today. When I hit watering holes in the desert, those that came in the day before, are waking and fueling up around dawn to move on. I am in. Now they have to go somewhere, and over the desert; water at 2pm onwards must look good, Hence my BH Gull.Hit the fish ponds circe 1:45.Paid off 11 Black Terns ,7 Caspian, 2 Forsters and and an Elegant Tern simply sweeping through. splashing, snacking and gone. ID able pics.
This pic. Ever been stared down by a Roadrunner. I have !

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