Tuesday, June 30, 2009

rascism, birds and assholes

Gosh ,that seems like a jolly self controlled and appropriately tastefull title. I did not use the "F Bomb" nor the "N" word in there once. I must becoming politically correct. Via Inland Co bird mistakes on my part, I got my ego beat up a little. Hell my skin is thickish, but got pounded a little thinnish ! No bodies fault but mine own. Move on Roger. But the one thing that pissed me off most is some one who called me a "closet racist"
My closets are so full of crap, I can't open the doors a lot less race around in them. If you are reading this, which you must be, and someone accuses me of that in your presence please smack them in the head !
What I am totally against is intellectual racism, involving any race colour or creed. I do not feel that any group should have the right to look in a bag of M and Ms and say "Not enough green ones, who cares about the test scores, toss a few in to balance the bag , OK good to go"
I will no longer donate to the NAACP.
Now please walk your mind through what my sometime dubious logic comes up with !!!
I quote from papers presented to the Supreme Court.God I wish as a teacher I was not.
MR Mathew Colangelo, director of the economic justice program of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. And this is a terrifying precept, concept and proposition.And I promise you I quote directly from court transcripts.
"New Haven is a bit of an outlier in using antiquated methods of measuring leadership. Most cities have long since realized that a pencil and paper test, which largely measures memorization, is not the best way to identify a leader"
This is with reference to the New Haven police and Fire dpt ruling
Here is where I get to have fun and play Monty Python.
All actors hired by NAACP.
FIRE STATION. Phone rings, group sat around.
"Whats that"
"I cant remember"
"I think you pick it up"
"It was never on my test"
(Picks up phone)
"Hello my house is on fire"
"Hello "
"My house is on fire "
"Why did you not say so"
"I did"
"Oh I am sorry, I don't need a memory"
"Where are you"
"6000 wimpole street"
"Where "
"6000, no never mind look just go and get a pencil and paper and write it down"
" OK let me hang up while I find one, no one here has had to use one before we will have to train"
" Pencil and paper, what do they think we are ,the goddam fire department.
Wind blowing hard from SW. Tomorrow perhaps ? rh

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