Tuesday, June 23, 2009

That was close, almost retired !

Grief. With all the "Here have a lump sum and go away into retirement, and anonimity" offers being tossed around at school, that took five of my peers and friends away last year and six this year. I suddenly fell into the same mode.
IDIOT. Although I was doing stuff, I felt the creeping tide of time catching up. It suddenly seemed pleasent to notice that Bill picked up his mail and waved, and Fred waved from his porch, and Jesus Christ I am in the Twilight Zone. It is 6:50, I think I will go and park outside the neighbours, so at least he gets up comes over and bitches. Life is too short, why make it shorter.
Two things inspired me out of my summer rut. one was an E mail from a friend. It seems like we can not lose contact with actual friends.I will attach the pic,NOW wandering around and shrieking with laughter is permitted.
The occupants of "TRESSPASSERS W' newcastle circa 1970 ?
See we grey haired old farts, were young once !
Some of us still are.
Phone call yesterday while I am working on the crossword, and gumming a petite four. Hi Roger its Rich (he introduced me to swmbo, decades ago and survived every curse she has sent him since) There is a friend.
"Whats up ?"
"Nothing" What are you doing?" "Sitting in the airport, in Pittsburgh' "Oh, why?" "I told you a while back and you said you didn't know if you could make it " "oh"Long pause. Well they just called my flight better go, the bathrooms are all the other side of security, should hit SDiego around 5pm".
It took this long to click, He was where doing what? Close friend blah ness !!
Rich you are doing what for christs sake ?
I told you I had tickets.
NOw this will mean nothing to anyone under 50, unless you like Rock. "Yes a 3 day concert, Van Der Graff Generator, Steve Hillage, Daevid Aellen and Gong reunion " "Awesome sat and talked with two guys from Gentle Giant" " You shoud have come, I offered"
Oh well. Better get up and get my butt in gear.
Bird pics and stuff to follow.It only took 10 days to enjoy retirement !I think i will wait a time.
Dam it the picture wont download.
So take a Least Bittern instead
No blind, just mud, and patience. I swear I will leave the dam thing alone if it will sit on my hand !NO I am not keeping the bird off its nest, this is its hunting area a distance away.

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