Friday, June 12, 2009

Hello, and summer

WEll the summer diatribe starts. The future of america left my class room today, ne'er to return.
If you have kid in high school and like me will sit and advise/ coerce/ and abuse and stomp up and down while acting out the answer, hurling around such phrases as "You will never breathe until you get this finished " and "Do not have your boy friend call again, until you have rewritten every piece of english you have submmitted since 2nd Grade, and if he calls tell him you died ".
Then you will not understand my current source of annoyance. I have a parent running a homework scam for Freshman .She does it in her handwriting, and they hand it in. Best we leave it there ! OK here comes summer and a journey through the heat of Blythe.
It may not be all Blythe. Pondering being part of a team, driving from S Cal to Kentucky ,to move race horses. Working most of the way out,drop off bird, and then being picked up on the way back.We will see.
I recently read an account of a brit who birded Fhoula Isle, this spring , working on the principle that,"It may seem stupid, but maybe its time some one tried " He saw maybe 50 sp, but had 3 megas.
Thats what this summer is about for me.
I am not going out to some cold storm tossed island to deal with cold and wet in the Mid Atlantic. I am going to be in a very dry very Hot island in the middle of the desert ! The opposite end of the spectrum.
So here comes summer.
Unless you have looked into the LCRV and its birds ( Like I am trying to ) there are massive gaps in the literature about the bird life along it. From Baird to Phillips and Monson. to Rosenberg et al.
I quote
"in june 1976, as Rosenberg prepared to move from Ithica New york, to Blythe CA, he was forwarned, with tales of bleak landscapes, exterme heat, physical discomfort, and isolation. The only dissenting voice was that of Kenn Kaufman, ........Kenn spoke of an exciting ornithological frontier, and the potential for discovery.........When Rosenberg arrived in Blythe it was 118.
So the point behind this blog, is basicly to track the return of waders along the LCRV and other stuff. Sewage plant rotating ponds perfectly, discussion this PM with PERFECT sewage plant Operator Thomas, fish farm rotating front ponds, thanks Steve. Have to catch the water boss and get the irrigation schedule. ie fields to be flooded.
Well whatever. Got my computer pal coming in to help me work on building me a website for Blythe Pics. Cleaned out my side of the garage. Starting stealth procedure for installing ON30 railroad. Working on the OH they are storage shelves, sell right now.
regards Roger

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