Thursday, November 26, 2009

Early am

I was out back dragging my feet, (ie making a ten minute job last as long as it takes !) waiting for my cranes to fly over the house, all 41 appeared dutifully calling and close enough for me to pick out the one thats in the oven right now. (Sorry, sorry sense of humour, but in AZ 500yds away that would be OK).
2 Crossbills flew over, of the expected race . A little bit of sub species snobbery, how the Hell would I know which sub sp they where, but the superior birder throws in stuff like that. Try it, gives you an edge. Especially when people start nodding in agreement.
Another one, "Did any one catch that slight slur to the third tink note ? Hmm reminiscent of some I have heard in (pick your own locale), lot of talk as to whether they should split them you know? Need to look up my field note sonograms when I get home. Warning , already have written/ drawn a sonogram from the Golden Guide on the piece of paper you are clutching .
For the death blow later. Stage whisper to no one in particular. "You know going back to that (whatever the hell you picked) I hear ( pick elite CA birder , who's favour you are slipping in) may have had one at the Sea, could be wrong probably should call him/her, when I get home" See you are in.
More on the way
These little beauties, can't see too many !
Suddenly dawned on me after crossbill fly by. That we are getting a staging of Montane birds in higher #s
Lawrences Gfinch 250 plus, seven seperate flocks.
Lessr 100 plus
US 50 plus
Mtn Bbirds, maybe 5 years in 10, 150plus
Western Bbirds, maybe 3 times , max 55 total? 200 plus
Twns, Solit , 6 total, 9 this fall.
Varied Thrush, NEW this year a scattered 4 for me a fifth nearby.
Lewis Wpecker, 1 yesterday. Total 3 records.
Vesper Sparrows, and Sage and BTHr sparrows major increase. Accipters , and raptors up. No ducks, mergs or Corvids
No sapsuckers,waders. 2 Robins. There where more in July.
Enjoy your day.
I have everything cooking, chase car fueled up, and 3 hours of bliss ahead !
The bliss. Dallas versus the Oakland Raiders. Pure heaven. I hate both teams, so either way I win !Ther can not be a play I do not like !!!
rh and terriers

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  1. Hey Roger,
    I had a bird that sure looked like a dorsalis dark-eyed Junco, and I got reamed for saying it. Acyually, I got reamed for saying that its sides were gray, but there was a diffuse pink wash close to the folded wing. All that the other clodhoppers out there extracted from my blow-by-blow detaailed description was, "Oh, you only had a Pink-sided Junco." I love how people only extract what they want to hear, and filter out the rest, as convenient. Aaargh...