Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ran out of time

Got half way through my, rabid rant and why the world is wrong, and how I can personally correct it. When I realised life had side swiped me again by taking hours out of my free time. And stuffing them into work time. So the rant will be worked on from school ! There the balance is restored !
SO, enjoy some recent pics and this joke
Its passover and a jewish chap is sat in the park eating his lunch. A blind man sits down next to him , and is given the offer of sharing lunch. The Jewish chap gives him a piece of Matzoh. The blind guy fingers it, and says "Who writes this shit?
OK Pics better I hope RB Merg ,rarest of thhe sawbills in Blythe. Blythe confirm pic RS Hawk true rary. Harrier harrass RT Hawk Paino phepla Power wiggly with the wind , send this before it goes away

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