Friday, November 27, 2009

You are safe ! Deleted my Micro Opus. I got bored with pointing out the obvious

I find it vaguelly scary that "unemployed people , who probably have no job",(TV newsman said that today" and are defaulting on home mortgages are lining up since Monday to buy a 20' Plasma Tv with credit cards, and traded food stamps. Now I know I am generalising somewhat.But from looking at the early morning TV crowds, at walmart in LA. I bet you a Kidney, you could find one who fit three out of those labels. OH WEll. Went by K Mart, to see how our "Black Friday" special was going at 7 am. Looks,just like any other day of the non coloured week !
I remember I went in last year looking for an item on sale, along with three serious sized no fuss black Baptist chorister types, heaving bosoms a sale gleam and purses clutched tight. Lined up getting the run around from a snotty clerk. Pause in the debacle, I interjected, "Excuse me Miss do you have this, waiving my flier" All three turned around and almost as one said "We want one too". I suddenly became spokes person ! "Er well, not really" "It clearly says "Six per store" " "How many have you sold " "Well none really" "Then where are they?" "Emm" "Fetch the manager"
Turned out they had them, but they were hidden away for in store staff !
I got one, two ladies each got one. The third lady said " I only came in for one , but I will take the other three NOW"
Sometimes we can win.
Has any one figured out this commercial I just saw ?
Car obviously moving, with windows and moon roof open, blonde hair blowing. Passenger said " Each side has individual personalized climate control, reaches foward and pushes a switch, now his side is cooler, and my side is just the way I like it. And the purr-fumed , frozen hair, Moron who is driving looks at her like she just won a Nobel prize in Physics. I will let you reread that, and ponder the truth of that statement. What happened to the outside air temp thats flowing through the car ?
Hm maybe she does have a Nobel prize in airflow dynamics.
Got stuff to do so will do it whilst ducking in and out to download some pics. Will stick a couple of "You call the Red Taileds" in there for fun

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