Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A momentary digression

Still trying to get my serious opus out, ! Basicly it is just turning into an interminable selection of boring commentary, from a person who has no idea what is going on, but does not let that prevent them from knowing the truth !
Yes, this is the new " Roger,Rush,and Oprah Winfrey show, with occaisional moronic chicken barn squabbling from the View, with Regis and Vapid" I should not be allowed to watch day time TV. Controller confiscated. Please tell me these are not the people who struggling everyday folks look to for life tips ?
I was standing around with the Manly men, draped over the fence at our local stadium watching one hell of a powder puff thanksgiving Football game. I won almost $5 in side bets. Once Jahnisha was subbed in, it was over. Told her I would give her $2 donation for her ROTC for each touch down she got. She was smirking each time we made eye contact. I truly hope someone at a college picks this girl up. God can she run. #3 in CA in her bracket long distance and cross country, 14 years old, pure speed.
"Oprah Whinfrey is retiring"
Never seen a group snap around so fast.
2 years.
Back to the foot ball game. But at least there is hope
A couple of bird picks
We paused for lunch, it was quite civilized,nothing living was consumed and I have shallow bite marks on my throat, which the festive cowl and garrotte conceal. So all is well.
Ran into a couple of super neat for me birds, lucked out on some snaps. Lucked out on the Hawk ! Just sat idly gazing across this area looks so much like the Norfolk Marshes, except its 82 Degrees and there are 3000 foot mountains in the background, but there are Harriers drifting around,took some relaxing harrier snaps. Nothing prize winning but ..put feet up...... Fell asleep............ Woke up, scared Hawk.
Have a great day tomorrow and be kind to one and other,

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