Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feeling poetic !

The hell with "Behold the russet dawn" and all that crap and the idea of the sun creeping over the horizon like a cat on guilded splinters, or was that the dark in Under Milkwood?
Right now I am chewing at the bit to go birding before I get roped in to plant four Bottle brush shrubs.Kid down the road needs $10.
And right about now the sun is rising with the speed of a block of cheese bowel movement. I think you get the picture. Polished my bin lenses so mamy times ,my old 8x Bushies are so concave I have to hold up a magnifying glass in front to compensate.
Loved Obamas heckler, and the behaviour of the Republican chaps, during O's Health care speech. Now this is the difference between Real Britsh democracy and pretend US democracy. In america you go tush tush not good, to be rude in a distinct state ceremony to the leader of the worlds richest most powerful country. In England, if our state head had been treated like that ie the queen I would have flown back to join in the ceremonial beheadings, and resulting party. Now this is democracy
Pause to add pics As I was adding , paused to ponder pics. IN MY LIFE TIME ! The change in Photography is amazing, and peoples regard for them nowadays is that of an ephemeral, neat, but delete. Get better one tomorrow, or not oh whatever !
I have an old suitcase full of formal posed "Auntie Sid and her husband Bill" B and w and scratchy ink writing on the back . Well thats how the writing looks, and thats how they look and I always wondered why that branch of SWMBO's family died out.This suitcase contains a history, of long forgotten folks, but back then a photo was your gift to future generations. Jumpy super 8s, got a projector and splicer if you need one !. Film, snap snap, each pic costs a bundle, send to Kodak, get 20 out of focus pics, one probably worth keeping, 35 in trash bin. Spent the summer tossing boxes of time damaged slides. Kodak has killed Kodachrome 64. End of an era. I have a fabulous Canon and lenses sitting on the floor near me. Gone the way of the dodo.Polaroids! Say no more ! Hardly bird phot-worth. Hellish good college black mail equipment though !
Stopped making them. Digital. I probably took 200 pics yesterday, six rolls of film !Came home ran 'em through puter whist lunching, deleted all but six. Got me to thinking, ten years ago, I would have saved a lot more on film. Due to expense. ie How do I justify tossing this when I paid so much for it and it is tangible. I wonder if the current disposable generation who take a billion pics and hours of quality video every day on their PHONES for heavens sake, and delete before the dawn to text, will leave or even save the record of their youth for posterity?
I can just see them in the future with a row of scan disks in a frame, on the hallway walls of their nursing home rooms. "This disk is Auntie Sids wedding and his live in companio Bill", always assuming they can dodge the "Obama Hospital Death squad" decision to pull the plug. Need to read "Soylent green" again ! Idiots.. Monday am, never got back !
Will have to do for nowStrange week of visitations fro educators, six figure idiots who can not teach ! Oh well. Plus the Williams Act lady.She makes six figures, for what? She travels Ca and visits every school and asks the kids do you have a text book at home, shew of hands. Looks for my signs proving I operate under the Williams act, posted by my clock in Spanish and English and then leaves, checking a myriad boxes on a giant sheet. My schedule would follow migration up California, and then back down. How 'bout you ?

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