Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm knackered !

Knackered a great word.Describes my physical and emotional state right now. Only to be resurected by the knowledge that a Guinness awaits me in the "Ambient temperature of the Blue Bell inn in Cottinghams cellar " Ah, the ale of the gods !
picture ? If you have a none photo chop/shopped picture of the upper and lower tail feather patterns of two fighting Juv Common Sands in the same frame,THEN all I have to say is.... good for you.
I am going into pleasent mode for a couple of days, at the suggestion of a nice friend who suggests that "If you would only just regard everything in a more positive context, you would be a much happier and wholer person, and not so tense". I feel happyness coursing through my veins already. Because after spending 4 and 1/2 hours spitting at the IRS answering machine, and almost dying of dehydration and listening to their crappy god dammnable renditions of the four seasons, and being put on hold so I can be put on hold, over a past tax tardy fee from 1996, that would not buy a days worth of secret service coverage for Obamas friggin dog nor Chenys shot gun shell bill, and the secret agents that pick those up, I realise this is the way to go. Peace,harmony,inner bliss, and positive attitude. My new Mantra.
"May you enter the gentle tidal nurturing life beds of your perspective and draw in the love and soulful ambience of mans compassion and the calming balms of the knowledge that the chargers had better win good on Sunday,cos I get me da spread, and dat de fing 'cos I need ma Bling" I think I heard that from a guy on Oprah. A rapper called "Two pac chopra Phil "
Another get rich on platitudes assh.. OOps nearly slipped. OHMMMMMM

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