Saturday, September 5, 2009

So much for that !

Well the tail end of Hurricane Jemima, or whatever is moving through Net result = appalling humidity, non photo light, rain and no birds. Quit. Will type this, then go catch up on sleep/tv. Love to say will continue my research into" plumage nuances in Solanders Petrels, based on my recent observations " But why fake it !
An observation.
Why do people take part in TV polls, and go through all the grief of finding the voting site to type in C I am not sure , or C I have no opinion.
For some reason that bothers me !!!
WEll 2 weeks of school, this is setting up to be an endurance year. The poor kid in the room next to me has the dregs I beat into shape last year, already in tears. Very nice, young Mormon lady, short 5'2 a little overweight, naive.Just first year in the trenches Would make a perfect nurse.
33 per class from 6 foot black rappers, to west side Mescan Gangsta's, and tatood pierced white trash on their second kid. If you are over 45 you would not know what the youth of today are like. Nor would you want to.They are chewing her up day by day. Sad When you walked down the corridor and saw a teacher coming did you step out of their way ? Me too. Not any more they knock our female staff over and up against the walls. Honest. I told our new principal, they will stand out of my way. I can tell he is still pondering whether me laying a kid out is worth the principle. I had a 14 year old on Friday tell me "NO I AM NOT MOVING. " She did, but as she walked out the room She turned around and said "WE will see about this you crazy old bastard". Inspiring methinks.
An idle thought. Boys on reaching puberty must check their testicles in. They get them back when they are 21 and have a job.Several pregnant 9th graders on the map, sadly their peers admire them and are excited for them/jealous. Oh well.
I can not believe the furor over Obama speaking to kids. Indoctrination, the religious right scream, on their way to their 12 year anniversary of continuous attendance at the Local "Religion of your own choice" at the "cult building of your own choice". See, equal opportunity "Brain washing"
This simply makes the Politicians who agree and are wasting time when there is a dire crisis in this country, look like jackanapes ! nay even, cut loose !
"YOU SENATOR, are nothing more than an apogeneous,bovaristic,copralalial,dasypygal,excerebrose,facinorous, gnathonic,hircine,ithyphallic,jumentous,kyphotic,labrose,mephitic,napiform,oligophrenial,papuliferous,quiquillian,rebarbative,saponaceous,thersitical,unguinous,ventripotent,wlatsome, xylocephalous ,yirning, zoophyte "
Just an abecedarian curse , feel free to use any or all whenever the occasion arises. The sun is struggling out, maybe ?
Take care

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