Sunday, March 21, 2010

How can I be so STUPID

Am I the only person wandering around wondering why the American Public has not risen up and systematicly removed evry member of the senate and congress from office. The health care debate is not one.
"We the members of the Political Elite, whose pay checks rely on you and your working and paying taxes, here by agree that all americans receive the same health benefits and retirement packages as we do. After all the tail should NOT wag the dog"
See how simple that is.
Have I missed something?
Oh and next time there is a "Pandemic" (Mass misguided hysteria)take a cruise. They get the cure first !
Lucys' warblers arrive, raptors evaporate. Winter birds around the Cemetery. 30 plus chippers 4 WC Sp, 4 Breewers,10 W b Birds a Robin, 2 Lsr Gfs, a Siskin and 14 Swainsons, 2 Cmn Mergs

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