Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has sprung

"Spring has sprung,
The grass has ris
I vonder vere der boidies is ?
Dey say
de boid is on der ving.
But thats absoid,
der ving is on de boid"
My sacred Auntie Louie, she whose name must only be uttered in Sepulchral tones, taught me that. She found great amusement in offending her brothers and sisters, and basicly anyone else. A genuine flapper of the 30's, she travelled Europe in the early sixties, and spoke not a word of any other tongue but English. She taught me how to do this.
"Roger, simply speak loudly and slowly and point a lot, you will finally find an intelligent one"
Dead 40 years, but unforgettable person. We where gathered for the annual"Its only a matter of time before the knives come out and meltdown occurs, who will be the first section to cave in and leave the Festive Blood letting family reunion" Oh ,I guess most people call it a family xmas . When my Aunt suddenly got up during the 800th spinning of the Max Bygraves and Bing Crosby sing the damned Xmas favourites. Announced to Robbo (her husband) That she was "taking the Bentley". This meant he had to drive her somewhere in the Large Walnut tomb, as she could not drive. An hour later she returned, dragged the Xmas records off the turntable."Done with that" Put on seargent peppers ! and then a beach Boys album.She knew all the words. Had to be 65 at the time !
OOPs , slipped sideways in my thought process again !
The sun is creeping up and the wind is howling. But I am set to go.
Do not expect anything, as Blythe typically is a week behind the sea and two behind the coast in spring, in front in fall.
Trust you get out, or even a walk at lunchtime brings you a spring BOID

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