Saturday, May 8, 2010

id problem , retirement and migrants

Your choice,can't afford to, none.

kinda threadbare better toss in some filler. Sewage plant today. Tiny puddle of water. 40 plus BNStilts, they breed there.11 Killdeer same as above. 3 W Sands,5 leasts,1 spotted. 2 Wilsons, 1 Semi P Plover.. And 3 dowitchers. Made them fly 3 times until they left. Here they are. One is a Short Billed, One is Long Billed, Calls of both distinctly heard. and one is either. There are their pictures. Knock yourself out !!!
Land birds ? None NONE ABSOLUTELY NNNOOOONNNNEEEE.....aaaaaargh
Could some one toss me a BHGBeak. or lets bust out for a friggin Wilsons Warbler.
Absolutely the worst spring I have experienced any where. Hellishly frustrating. Just bloody, bleeding,.......... bloody, bloody bleeding NOTHING.
Retirement, went in to meet with the principal for my end of year review. With all thats happened the last year, and money problems for the school, I thought it was headed towards the Golden Handshake.
Not so Fast Kemosaby
The pleasent young fellow warned me "That he would be all over me with regards to my professionalism, and following the Mandated teach to the test regimen". I think we will be revisiting that issue several times in the new school year !!
So you are stuck with another years Blythe Observations.
The poor fellow will not last long though,later I was told he said I was an "asset". Do not e-mail me and tell me they misheard him !
The truth hurts

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  1. No birds at the west end of the state either, mate.