Friday, May 7, 2010

id Bird revealed ! And why G Bush must go

Black Tern.
I am sure you all got it.
Here's the next frame. Hand held, and gust of wind about knocked us both over !The next one is a fun one !
As a teacher, I find a mild and somewhat childish solace, in periodically saying . "Education in this country will be so much better, if they would drag George W out of the White House, and hang him "
I realise a lot of people kindly point out to the "senile old man" that "he is no longer the president". I do not mind their pre/perception of me one bit.I cannot hear the phrase "George W.Bush is no longer in office" enough. Another year of teaching wasted. CST /No Child left behind bull shit testing, will your school be open next year based on test scores,Comes down to a half stoned punk answering multiple guess questions formulated by some asshole who has never taught.
Mathematics 90 mins . Done in 15 minutes.Yes, all 85(?) questions. Asked why "Hate that b11ch any way, maybe they fire her ass". All done in 45 mins, One student showed me his sheet quite proudly .
In the bubble box he had carefully blocked in the answer boxes so that at an angle it quite clearly spelled out "NIGAH" . .
And my job will hang, on the skills of these fools.
Thanks George W, the sooner they get rid of him the happier I will be. roger

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